Click below to hear Travis Parigi, LiquidFrameworks' Founder and COO, discuss the challenges companies have with manual schedule and dispatch processes. Luckily, there's a better way to do it! FX Schedule & Dispatch was created to provide users with real-time data to be more efficient and better serve their customers. 


Everyone appreciates some friendly competition from time to time.  It encourages the “players” to do their best and strive to show others their potential and value.  Gamification, when applied to the business world, can have a very positive impact on productivity.  It can be applied to any business as long as that business knows which KPIs accurately reflect the value of an employee.  This has the potential to dramatically improve the value and quality of the information (or service) provided by the end user.  In banking, this might be the highest revenue and lowest attrition rate, while in

If you’re using job whiteboards, paper calendars or excel spreadsheets to manage schedule and dispatch, the answer is probably YES! Tools such as these are cumbersome and inefficient. There are significant (and obvious) limitations such as lack of reporting, limited access to data, single point of failure and manual processes.

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The New Year always brings about the opportunity to evaluate our lives. Are we eating healthy? Are we exercising enough? Am I getting enough rest; how is my work/life balance? While it’s great to take time to evaluate ourselves, this is also the perfect time to evaluate the business.  

Are we operating as efficiently as we could be?

How can we streamline our business processes?

How can we increase cash flow and ensure we’re capturing every dollar possible?

How can we achieve maximum profitability?