A well-planned and communicated deployment of a new software solution is critical to realizing it’s full value. When a customer purchases FieldFX, it is our goal to realize the customer’s vision for the product to ensure their objectives are met. We have found that customers who choose a phased approach to a software rollout tend to have more success than companies that choose a “big bang” approach.

A staggered approach to rollout can be done in a number of different ways.

At LiquidFrameworks, we look at FieldFX as an enabler for change. We've seen time and time again the business benefits our customers have experienced by implementing the FieldFX solution. At ConnectFX 2016, our President and CEO, Trent Derr examined how companies with an agile culture, that can adapt to change with ease, have a competitive advantage in their industry. Click below to see his presentation and learn how LiquidFrameworks develops FieldFX to be a tool that implements change.

How would your business be impacted if you didn't have to renegotiate contracts with your current customers year after year? What if your customers LOVED doing business with you so much, that you became their preferred vendor? Companies that are the easiest to do business with are getting closer to their customers and fostering customer loyalty. One of the best ways to do this is through technology such as FX Customer Self-Service.

Carber, an industrial services company that provides specialty mechanical services such as hydrostatic testing and isolation technologies for refineries and chemical plants across North America implemented FieldFX across 14 locations in the US and Canada. The results were increased profitability and cash flow, improved reporting capabilities and real-time visibility to revenue and job information.

All FieldFX users are on one of four release channels: Bi-Weekly Beta, Bi-Weekly, Quarterly Beta or Quarterly. LiquidFrameworks deploys an update to the Bi-Weekly mobile release channels every two weeks. Updates are live on the Bi-Weekly Beta channel for two weeks and then those updates are pushed to the Bi-Weekly channel.