In the video clip below, you will hear a portion of a recent webinar in which Ron Prichard, CFO of Energes, describes the reason why they selected the FieldFX solution.

He'll share challenges such as:

  • doing more work with less people
  • replacing paper based processes
  • dealing with revenue leakage

He also discusses their approach to dealing with the challenge of change management in the field as well as the favorable results the are experiencing. 

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Many times a field supervisor might be asked to quote additional work.  They’re already onsite, the equipment is already there and the company man may need additional work completed.  With FieldFX, the supervisor can create a quote offline that looks exactly the same as a quote created online, in the back office, providing they are using the same customer/location/condition-specific price book.

We will be joining forces next week with Dell Boomi to present the webinar: Deploying Seamless Integration from “Quote to Cash”.

The geolocation feature, within FieldFX, can be used to track things like where a technician was when they created a ticket or where a piece of equipment was physically located when added to a ticket. But, what if that technician was at a remote, unmanned site, without Internet connectivity? This is often the case for companies in the oilfield, industrial and environmental service industries.