On Saturday, I attended the 5th installment of the fantastic Edge Conference at the Facebook London offices in Euston. We had in depth discussions about complex problems and set about creating solutions and providing feedback to browser vendors to keep the web moving forward.

There's a very powerful new feature in FieldFX Mobile.  As many of you know already, FieldFX has always given you the ability to assign and dispatch Jobs to one or more crew members thereby controlling who receives which jobs on their Mobile device.  Now the dispatching functionality in FieldFX is even better by allowing the subscriber org to control which Tickets get dispatched to which field users. 

FieldFX provides the capability to create electronic forms. FX Forms are the digital versions of forms utilized by a company. For example, JSAs, Job Orders, Equipment Transfer forms and Maintenance forms can all be recreated in FieldFX as an FX Form. The beauty of the FX Form is that it makes paperwork as easy as a few clicks.

Let’s face it; the only manageable equipment downtime is downtime that doesn’t happen. So, what type of plan does your company have in place, to keep up with equipment maintenance, to help avoid inconvenient and costly equipment downtime? The way I see it, there are four types of plans:

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone within an organization were “in the know”?  What if the right hand and the left hand both knew what the other was doing? The FieldFX Alert Engine provides just this type of advantage for users of the FieldFX E-Ticking and Job Scheduling modules.

FieldFX has an alert engine built into the system, enabling users to set up email or text message notifications throughout the workflow process. The alerts and their content are all highly customizable.