Recently LiquidFrameworks' Founder and COO, Travis Parigi participated in a webinar featuring Same Day Invoicing with Intacct and FieldFX. In this webinar Travis illustrated the CFO Challenge: How to Reduce DSO and Improve Cash Flow. The FieldFX/ Intacct solution allows companies in the oilfield, industrial and environmental service industries to complete a ticket and send an accurate invoice the same day as the job is completed. Click on the video below to see Travis' introduction to the webinar.

The first ever FieldFX User Conference is now two weeks in the past, but the excitement from the event is still lingering. With a sold-out event of nearly 150 attendees, 8 breakout sessions and 2 keynote speakers, ConnectFX 2015 was truly a success!

The goal of the conference was to foster the FieldFX user community, to bring together FieldFX users so that they could share ideas and best practices. The conference featured 6 customer-led sessions where FieldFX users shared ways they have improved their businesses through their innovative use of FieldFX.

FX Customer Self-Service is a branded space for FieldFX® users to offer their customers a place to:

-       Place and Review Tickets

-       Approve Tickets

-       Add Comments

-       Monitor Job Progress

-       View Reports and Dashboards Related to Job Progress and KPIs

-       View Safety Records

How will MY customers manage the change from paper to electronic processes?  Here’s a three step method…

Some of our prospective service provider customers are apprehensive about how their customers will handle the change in practice when moving from a paper based field ticketing process to an electronic process for field ticketing.  From our experience with other customers, we’ve found the best way to address the change management issue is head-on.  

One of the most important characteristics of the FieldFX product suite is its extensibility. Extensibility in a software product is its ability to allow the end customer to modify the out-of-the-box design, functionality and workflow such that it operates in compliance with the customer’s unique business processes and requirements.