How to Succeed With Mobile Field Automation

Online/ Offline Digital Solutions for "Quote-to-Cash"

Join us for lunch Tuesday, February 27th to hear from pioneering companies- Basic Energy Services and Nine Energy. Learn how they moved their field operations management to a cloud-based, digital solution resulting in enhanced efficiencies from operations, to field personnel and accounting. Learn about:

Service companies in the energy industry must continually overcome the complex pricing challenge. Multifaceted and complex contracts can result in pricing intricacies that can be difficult to manage, often times leaving billable revenue on the table. Travis Parigi explores the complex pricing riddle further in the video below.


We have all heard the expression, “a company is only as good as its people.” Many business leaders agree with this statement, and say that their people are their most valuable assets. At LiquidFrameworks, we recognize that an individual behind the scenes can make a great impact on our customers and in our company overall. Each person at LiquidFrameworks is committed and working hard to provide a great product and experience for our customers. Learn more about LiquidFrameworks by taking a closer look behind the scenes to our diverse team. 

As another year begins, many people stop to self-evaluate. Am I making good choices? How can I be more organized? How can I save more and spend less? These types of questions can be asked about your business as well.

Are we making profitable decisions?

How can we streamline our business processes and make them more efficient?

How can we achieve maximum profitability and grow our business?

Come sip, savor and unwind with LiquidFrameworks at the Clean Gulf conference next week. We invite you to enjoy live music, food and drinks at The Grove (across from the George R. Brown convention center).

The Grove

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Wednesday, December 6th


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