Recently LiquidFrameworks' Founder and COO, Travis Parigi participated in a webinar about the Lead-to-Cash process and the benefits companies that automate this process experience. Below is a link to a clip of this webinar which includes a great illustration of how a customer may reach out with a need multiple times, before they are identified. Pairing the Salesforce1 Marketing Cloud and Salesforce1 Sales Cloud with FieldFX allows for a seamless lead-to-cash process for companies in the oilfield, industrial and environmental service industries.

Many companies rely on the “Hey, did we bill for that?” method, which often occurs at the end of the week or the month. This highly interactive and interruption-driven process usually involves Operations Managers, Accounting Managers, and field technicians. Ultimately, after several rounds of verification, you catch any missing items and add them to the invoice (you hope).

Many companies in the oilfield, industrial and environmental services industries have customers that require a stamp on field tickets. The stamp is an actual rubber stamp with typically 5-6 boxes that need to be filled in with data such as a well number or signature of the company man.

This year LiquidFrameworks will reach a major milestone: hosting the first ever FieldFX® user conference, ConnectFX!

Getting rid of antiquated paper and spreadsheet-based time management processes is a high priority for many of our customers. FieldFX® Timecards allows users to manage crew schedules across single or multiple jobs, capture specific job-related notes on the actual timecard, and configure a company-specific timecard workflow to facilitate the review and approval process.