LiquidFrameworks was recently listed as a major player in Global Oil & Gas Project Management Software by MRRSEThe report covers the market dynamics, includes drivers, restraints and opportunities, expected to influence global oil & gas project management software market growth. Click here to read the entire report.

The recent boom in artificial intelligence (AI) has people wondering how it can impact their everyday lives.  Some might think of a human-like robot that has the intelligence of a human being.  The reality is that the technology capable of mimicking human intelligence is years away, but the underlying algorithms that power that type of AI are rooting themselves throughout the technology world.  We see it on a regular basis when Google provides relevant recommendations while searching or Amazon recommends common accessories to the purchases people make.  Similarly, Netflix recommends movies

At LiquidFrameworks, we look at FieldFX as an enabler for change. We've seen time and time again the business benefits our customers have experienced by implementing the FieldFX solution. Here’s your opportunity to hear from two of our customers firsthand. Join us on Wednesday, October 4th to hear from pioneering companies- CEDA International Corporation and Newalta.

The digital oilfield is now.  More and more companies are adopting new technology to maximize production in the field and reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).  As you contemplate whether or not to adopt a mobile field operations solution like FieldFX, there is a lot to take into consideration. When companies must manage a broad transformational change across their entire enterprise, it requires team “buy-in” as well as extensive planning and exacting execution. The benefits of such change, however, can result in dramatic outcomes.

Learn how to streamline the field-ticketing process from operations, to field personnel, to invoicing. Register for this webinar and learn from the experts.

DATE: Tuesday, September 26, 2017

TIME: 1:00pm CT/ 2:00pm ET