It’s our favorite time of the year- we’re getting ready for ConnectFX, LiquidFrameworks' annual user conference! ConnectFX provides the opportunity to hear FieldFX case studies from our customers, learn more about the product and get a sneak peak of what is coming next for FieldFX. ConnectFX also gives us a chance to reconnect with our customers, so that we can learn from them and help to transform industry best practices.

Here are the top five reasons why you shouldn’t miss ConnectFX this year.

1. Keynote Speakers

Afternoon Keynote: How Apache Is Optimizing Upstream Investments through Technology

Middleware is a general term for software that serves to "glue together" on premise or cloud-based systems so they can work together seamlessly. In simple terms middleware connects software to other software to help fully integrate processes by solving application challenges, data issues and other difficulties of business process integration.

How to Succeed With Mobile Field Automation

Online/ Offline Digital Solutions for "Quote-to-Cash"

Join us for lunch Tuesday, February 27th to hear from pioneering companies- Basic Energy Services and Nine Energy. Learn how they moved their field operations management to a cloud-based, digital solution resulting in enhanced efficiencies from operations, to field personnel and accounting. Learn about: