This week the LiquidFrameworks team will be at the Clean Gulf conference. Clean Gulf covers spill preparedness and response topics for the exploration & production, transportation, and storage of oil & hazardous materials. It provides a forum for responders, operators, regulators, equipment providers and environmental groups to openly discuss best practices and lessons-learned. 

One of the largest FieldFX customers, Total Safety, joined us at Dreamforce this year. Darrell Whitley, SVP of Market Development and Enterprise Sales with Total Safety, was interviewed in a Dreamforce Partner Theater Session. Check out the video hear how Total Safety

Job sites in the oilfield, industrial and environmental service industries often have a high degree of risk exposure. We repeatedly hear from our customers that reducing their risk profile is a top priority.  One primary area of concern is assets and equipment that aren’t properly certified, inspected and maintained.

This is not a simple cut and dried question, as everyone’s implementation is different. Overall, however, the core steps remain the same throughout the implementation process. A business evaluation takes place to analyze business processes from the beginning through the point where it is invoiced.

FieldFX is then configured and unit tested to fit the customer’s business processes and data needs. If needed, custom fields are added to support the required customer data and allow for reporting across those fields.

It’s that time of year again; some might say it’s the BEST time of year. It’s time for Dreamforce! We’re busy making plans for the event that brings the world’s largest cloud ecosystem together and we wanted to share our plans with you. Many of the LiquidFrameworks employees are Dreamforce veterans, so here are our top tips for making the most of the Dreamforce experience.

#1. Have a good game plan.