HTML5 is a core technology markup language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the web. It allows for mobile uniformity and works across any device that supports a modern browser. So, where’s the magic?

Change can be daunting. When companies must manage a broad transformational change across their entire enterprise, it requires team “buy-in” as well as extensive planning and exacting execution. The benefits of such change, however, can result in dramatic outcomes.

LiquidFrameworks has proven results, demonstrating how the FieldFX software suite has helped businesses capture millions of dollars of what has been lost revenue. However, when we meet with prospective customers the most common push back to implementing the software is: Will the field technician utilize the technology?

Recent allegations of fraud against oilfield service companies in Texas confirm the importance of a robust field management solution, such as FieldFX. Proper documentation to support activity in the field and transparent reporting internally and externally are key to protecting service companies and their customers.

As more companies embrace cloud-based solutions, the need to become more security-focused is paramount. Some businesses may feel that when servers, equipment and applications are not within the walls of the corporate data center, they are more exposed to security threats.  And as we try to learn lessons from recent high-profile data breaches, it’s important for businesses to evaluate the security controls they currently have in place.

FX Timecards is built on the same platform as FieldFX, so it utilizes the same functionality.  The main purpose of the FX Timecards Module is to track non-billable time that is immaterial to a particular Job. 

Current bandwidth trends show the need for speed and that’s no surprise. The need for bandwidth continues to soar as more and more mobile devices are being used. First, it was the desktop computer, then laptops and now smartphones and tablets. Maybe the smart watch will be the next big thing?