Creating a custom layout in FX Schedule & Dispatch is easy and quick to do. You have the ability to select your preferences and save them so that you see your data the way you want to. Click to watch this short, 4 minute demo and see a custom layout created in FX Schedule & Dispatch.

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LiquidFrameworks is excited to announce the newest version of our sync- Sync 4.0! Sync 4.0 represents the fastest sync engine that we've ever had, but even more important is the increased reliability that comes with Sync 4.0. Sync 4.0 gives mobile users a better experience when syncing data back and forth from the field to the back office.

To learn more about what makes Sync 4.0 so fast and reliable, check out the short video below featuring Travis Parigi, Founder and COO of LiquidFrameworks. 



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FX Analytics helps companies to improve decision-making and become more efficient. The ability to create custom reports to meet specific needs allows companies to focus in on the data that matters most to their business. Creating custom reports and dashboards is an easy three-step process, illustrated in the Infographic below.

Step 1- Create the report type, which is the structure and objects from which the report will pull its data.

Step 2- Build the report. Decide what information you want to be included on the report.