At a recent event, Travis Parigi- LiquidFrameworks Founder and COO, presented on current favorable macroeconomic trends in the energy industry. While looking forward to 2017, Parigi discussed how industry leaders are taking advantage of these opportunities to evaluate major processes and find ways to improve them with end-to-end electronic processes. He shares how the resulting efficient, streamlined processes benefit not only the service providers, but their Operator customers. 

Did you attend Dreamforce this year? If not, check out this video to see some of what you missed! LiquidFrameworks presented on a tactical approach to resource scheduling via integration with 3rd party GPS systems on the floor of the Dreamforce Cloud Expo! Click here to download the full presentation.   


It’s one week until Dreamforce and we’re excited to experience the innovation and inspiration that occurs every year in San Francisco! This year the lineup is first rate with over 2,000 sessions and an A-List lineup of keynote presentations.

Now that football has returned to our television screens, we see in each game that the tougher team is the one which most often secures the win. This holds true in the energy service industry as well.  The long-term leaders in the cyclical energy business are the ones that choose to invest in streamlining and optimizing processes by incorporating technology wherever possible during the downturns, so that they position themselves for even greater success during the inevitable recoveries.

In an effort to stay close to our customers and reinforce FieldFX Best Practices, LiquidFrameworks announces the launch of FieldFX Fundamentals. This program will provide regular educational events to help customers learn more about the functionality of FieldFX and how to maximize its benefits in their organizations.