The geolocation feature, within FieldFX, can be used to track things like where a technician was when they created a ticket or where a piece of equipment was physically located when added to a ticket. But, what if that technician was at a remote, unmanned site, without Internet connectivity? This is often the case for companies in the oilfield, industrial and environmental service industries.

Oilfield, industrial and environmental service companies’ increased focus on enhanced efficiency during the current challenging economic climate of the industry have resulted in another year of record growth and record customer retention for LiquidFrameworks. Now more than ever, service companies are focused on capturing every billable dollar possible and collecting it more quickly.

Companies are utilizing FX Forms to complete forms on a phone, online, or via FieldFX Mobile, disconnected from the Internet.

There are scenarios when capturing a Job Safety Analysis or Tailgate Safety Meeting form on paper can be cumbersome.  Prior to the job starting, the crew can gather and launch an FX Form where information such as the customer, customer contact, the location (among others) that was previously re-keyed several times on various forms and tickets can be auto-populated. 

We recently hosted a webinar with Actian to demonstrate the power of an end-to-end electronic process from field ticket, to invoice, to invoice submission. In this clip from the webinar, Travis Parigi illustrates the electronic process of FieldFX and Actian, as well as the benefits from both the service provider and operators' perspectives.