Oilfield, industrial and environmental service companies are increasingly held accountable for maintaining a secure history of data on which key decisions are based. FieldFX’s Audit Trail feature provides customers with the ability to track historical changes on any field throughout the entire system.

Have you ever experienced the accidental discount? What’s an accidental discount, you ask? Let’s paint the picture for you…

You have a customer call to dispute some of the charges on an invoice. You begin the tedious process of reviewing the paper field tickets and work orders. This is when you realize some of the contracted items related to PPE were left off of the ticket and some of the pricing does not match your customer’s master service agreement.

All day, every day, you are faced with decisions. Having your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your business is critical for strategic and operational decision-making. But, anyone who has spent time in the cereal aisle at the grocery store knows that too many options and too much information can disable your decision-making ability.

In selecting a new mobile field operations management solution, implementation is every bit as important as choosing the right software suite. There are lots of different approaches to consider: a staggered approach- office by office, region by region or by job type. Some companies choose to implement in a single, major event, often referred to as the “big bang” approach. We generally recommend a phased approach, (location by location) in implementing FieldFX.