Artificial Intelligence was a buzz topic at ConnectFX this year. Watch the video below to learn more about the applicability machine learning has within FieldFX to enhance the users' experience. 


Field Technicians, while out on a job, often come across equipment that is faulty, or in need of repair. With the FieldFX Inline Photo feature, technicians are able to take a photo of the identified piece of equipment and incorporate it into forms related to compliance and safety- making it part of the permanent record. This is a seamless process, never leaving the mobile application, completely offline from the Internet.

"We've gone from 35 different versions of tickets down to one, structured field ticket template with FieldFX," Josh Oed, VP Supply Chain & Operational Excellence- Dover Artificial Lift.

Click below to hear first-hand the success Dover Artificial Lift has experienced with FieldFX


Creating a custom layout in FX Schedule & Dispatch is easy and quick to do. You have the ability to select your preferences and save them so that you see your data the way you want to. Click to watch this short, 4 minute demo and see a custom layout created in FX Schedule & Dispatch.

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