Doing Business Easier... Seamless "Lead-to-Cash" in the Oilfield Service Industry

What would accurately invoicing your customers, the same day the company man signs the field ticket, do for your DSO and bottom line?

Would providing leads from trade shows and your web site immediately to the appropriate sales rep help your sales team close deals faster?

Would having a mobile dashboard that shows both opportunities and jobs for your top customers help you sell more and service them better?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, download a copy of Doing Business Easier featuring a seamless “Lead-to-Cash” process, via the Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud paired with FieldFX from LiquidFrameworks. Discover how your company can become the easiest for your customers to do business with.

Download the webinar now, by filling out the form to the right, to learn how:

  • nurtures leads and leverages analytics to translate into faster sales cycles and increased market share.
  • FieldFX can eliminate inaccurate and lost field tickets, recapture lost revenue and integrate seamlessly with payroll and invoicing software.
  • The Sales Cloud helps sales reps increase pipeline generation, reduce sales cycles, and improve win rates.
  • FieldFX inherently integrates with for a full 360° view of the customer with robust reporting to improve strategic and tactical decision making and customer service.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how oilfield service companies are transforming their business process, becoming more agile and gaining a competitive advantage!


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