Automating the “Quote-to-Cash” Process for Field Service Companies

Digitally Manage Field Operations - Online and Offline

Our FieldFX® product suite is a complete mobile field operations management solution for companies in the oil and gas, industrial and environmental services industries.

  • Jobs
  • Quotes
  • Field ticketing
  • Equipment
  • Contracts
  • Price books
  • Labor
  • Customer-specific forms

Explore the Suite

FX E-Ticketing
Streamline the field ticketing process from operations, to field personnel, to invoicing.
Provide process and intelligence to physical asset management.
Enhance the effectiveness and accuracy of the quote-to-cash process.
FX Schedule & Dispatch
Manage all of your pertinent job, personnel and equipment information.
FX Analytics
Improve decision making with powerful custom reports.
FX Customer Self Service
Empower your customers with secure access to their job and ticket data.
FX Timecards
Simplify tracking payable time for in-house and remote employees.
FX Forms
Create custom electronic forms, such as JSA's, that can be completed online or offline.

Benefits of Field FX

Companies that deploy FieldFX report numerous benefits including increased cash flow, invoice accuracy, and revenue capture, as well as labor reduction, contract compliance, business process improvement, and more.

Reduce Days Sales Outstanding

Many service companies suffer with high Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) amounts due to the slow, redundant clerical process of paper-based, Excel, and other manual systems. FieldFX makes your existing processes more efficient, allowing you to speed up the process to collect field data and reduce the time required to invoice your customer. This streamlined approach between field operations and accounting will result in a dramatic reduction in your Days Sales Outstanding.

Streamline the Job-to-Invoice Process

Operations, field personnel, and accounting utilize FieldFX in the office and the field to produce a more streamlined, efficient and valuable job-to-invoice process. Price books, staff, labor rates, equipment, materials, and job related documentation are kept in one consolidated solution, allowing you to reduce mistakes in job quotes and invoicing and avoiding dispatching duplicate jobs or unavailable equipment.

Increase Efficiency with the Ability to Work in Remote Locations

Field crews often work in remote areas without reliable internet service but they need to stay connected. FieldFX works both online and offline, so your field workers can perform the job, make changes to the ticket, attach any related photos or documents, and record any relevant site data. When the crew member returns to an area with internet access, they simply synchronize their PC or tablet with FieldFX and, with our industry-leading sync times, the information is available to invoice.

Customizable Alerts Ensure that Everyone is In-the-Know

In-the-Know FieldFX has an alert engine built into the system enabling users to set up email or text message notifications throughout the workflow process. Alerts, including when, why, and to whom they are sent, are all customizable.
  • Notify sales, operations, accounting, field personnel, and more
  • Triggering events can include ticket and job status changes and the status of aging tickets and jobs
  • Alerts can include immediate SMS texts and emails, daily emails, or weekly emails
  • Filter alerts by office, customer, business segment, and crew
  • The alert engine can be used throughout the FX E-Ticketing and FX Job Scheduling modules

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