FX Analytics

Improve decision making with the FX Analytics module.  FX Analytics consists of three main areas of reporting functionality.

  • Generate charts based on the result of the report
  • Save and export for further review
  • Generate powerful custom reports using data collected from field operations.
  • Produce revenue reports by customer, business segment, and by month, including gross margin.
  • Generate reports that illustrate revenue by serialized equipment, revenue by person, number of jobs per month by office, and many more.
  • Purchase Order reports allow you to attach tickets and see the PO analysis, including what funds are still available for the remainder of the project.


The Reporting tab gives you access to reports that have been built into FieldFX for you.  These reports were designed to suit the needs of most companies, and include both revenue and operations reports.

Revenue Reports

  • Revenue by Business Segment, Office, and Job Type
  • Margin by Customer, Job, and Line Item
  • Revenue Trend Reports
  • Invoicing by Date Range

Operations Reports

  • Crew Utility
  • Equipment Utility
  • Labor Hours Report

Custom Reports

Custom Reports empowers you to create reports that meet your specific needs, such as revenue by equipment for a specific office location. Drag and drop functionality and filtering make it easy to create an endless amount of reports. And as always, you can generate charts, save, and export for further review. Save reports to the Quote, Ticket, or other area within FieldFX so you can run them at your convenience.  Reports can also be run while working remotely.

E-Forms Reporting

The third part of the FX Analytics module is E-Forms Reporting, which runs reports built off of any electronic forms you created in FieldFX.  Any information that was put into a field in an electronic form is automatically reportable with this feature.  The report can be saved and exported for further review.