Configure, Price, Quote

FX CPQ enhances the effectiveness and accuracy of the quote-to-cash process by providing contract administrators with the ability to model contracts with complex rules related to the applicability of certain equipment, services, labor and supplies based on the operational and environmental characteristics of jobs. Salespeople and field personnel answer simple questions at the time of quote creation or job performance and FX CPQ uses these answers to recommend and price the appropriate items to use given the unique conditions of the job and working environment- all while running completely disconnected from the Internet.

By automatically adding ancillary contract items and supplies based on operational data provided by the field engineer, FX CPQ further prevents revenue leakage and decreases the time required to generate quotes and field tickets, while increasing accuracy at the same time. 


  • Rules-Based Quoting and Ticketing
  • Dynamic Packaging/ Bundling/ Kitting
  • Online/ Offline Capabilities
  • Hierarchical Price Books


  • Reduced Revenue Leakage
  • Enhanced Contract Compliance
  • Maximized Profit Margins
  • Streamlined Process from Quote-to-Cash
  • Increased invoice accuracy
  • Elimination of Rogue Pricing