FX E-Ticketing Platform

Dispatch and Deliver Job Tickets

FieldFX streamlines the entire field ticketing process, from operations, to field personnel, and invoicing.  Operations managers create jobs and tickets in FieldFX and then dispatch the information to the crews in the field.  Field personnel, using FieldFX online or off, can update (or create new) contract-compliant, accurate field tickets and capture signatures while working remotely.  When they return to location with an internet connection, they simply push a button to sync with our FieldFX server, making the information accessible back in the office.  Accounting then logs in to quickly and accurately create an invoice from the uploaded field ticket data.


FieldFX has the fastest sync times in the industry, making the process quick and easy.

Delayed delivery of job tickets is a thing of the past with FieldFX. You know the status of completed tickets as soon as field personnel update the information.  This means you can quickly review job tickets for any changes or modifications before invoicing. Remember, much of this information was automatically loaded into the job, so your quality control process will be fast and easy.

FieldFX can support your field ticketing process in many ways:

  • Create single and multi-day field tickets and job orders
  • Attach driving directions to a job via Google Maps.
  • Setup price books for general use, specific customers, date ranges, offices, and business segments.
  • Create almost any form and customize it to look like your existing paper forms.
  • Attach job documents such as receipts, safety forms, photos, etc.
  • Create custom reports that can be saved and re-used.

Customizable Alerts Ensure a Seamless Workflow

The FieldFX alert engine allows you to setup email or text message notifications throughout the workflow process. Alerts, including when, why, and to whom they are sent, are all customizable.
Sample E-Field Ticketing Alerts

  • Send an alert when tickets or jobs move to and from different statuses
  • Send an alert when a ticket or job has been in a specific status for too long
  • Notify the operations manager immediately when a ticket in their office changes to a certain status (“Parts Needed” for example)
  • Email or text a daily digest of all tickets in a specific office that need to be approved
  • Notify accounting when a ticket for a particular office or business segment is ready to be invoiced

Manage Price Books, Contracts, and Customers

Create field tickets and job quotes based on your existing or new standardized price books. Price books in FieldFX can be setup for general use, specific customers, date ranges, offices, and business segments. A powerful rules engine empowers your administrators with the ability to model various types of pricing scenarios and contracts including parent-child items, items tied to specific types of work, default minimum and maximum quantities, and cost-plus items.

Ticket Leakage

Price books can be configured to use various types of rules that automatically drive specific items onto the ticket given certain conditions. FieldFX ensures that these items get added to the ticket even if the field supervisor forgets to explicitly select them. This means your job revenue is accurate and you avoid lost revenue due to missing billable items.

Job Documents

Attach job-related documents such as safety forms, job plans, MSDS, photos, and drawings in a variety of formats.  Attachments can be added at any time, online or off, allowing you to easily keep those documents tied to the job for future reference.

Signature Capture

Getting your customer's signature for a job approval is easy with FieldFX.  We’ll configure your electronic field tickets to match your paper tickets, complete with signature blocks.  Once in the field, you can capture signatures directly on your tablet or PC screen, or connect a USB signature pad device to your laptop.