FX Timecards

The FX Timecards module makes the process of tracking payable time for employees, including those working remotely, simple and more efficient.  Transform your paper or Excel-based time management process with an easy-to-use solution that gives your field personnel the ability to track time using a smartphone, with or without an internet connection.

Quick, Easy and Accurate Time Management

  • Create, review, and approve timecards remotely, with or without a network connection.
  • Manage crew schedules across single or multiple jobs.
  • Record time on an hourly or daily basis.
  • Capture specific job-related notes on the actual timecard.
  • Review timecards at your convenience, speeding up the review process.
  • Submit time against non-billable charge codes, such as Sick, Paid Time Off, and Holiday.
  • Create reports, filter, and export for review.

Record Time

Time is recorded in detail, by job name, customer name, the role the employee is performing that day, the date the job starts, and the number of hours worked.  Time is selected from price books that have been configured in FieldFX, and can be tracked on an hourly or daily basis.  Employees can submit time against non-billable charge codes as well, such as Sick, Paid Time Off, and Holiday.  The smartphone app remembers their most recently selected role for the job if that job is used again.  There is also a field where the user can capture notes related to the job.

Review and Approve Timecards

The timecard review and approval process can take place in the office or the field, allowing supervisors to review timecards when it’s convenient for them, speeding up the review process.  Submissions and approvals can be tracked to capture who made the workflow transition and when they made it.

Create Reports

The reporting aspect of Timecards gives management valuable insight into what was previously a slow and inaccurate process for many companies.  For instance, one such report allows management to see any time that was paid to an employee but not billed to a job.