First Six Months of 2014 Show 313% Year Over Year Subscription Growth for LiquidFrameworks, Inc.


Leading mobile field operations management solutions company specializing in Oilfield/Industrial/Environmental Services announces soaring sales numbers for the first six months of 2014.


Houston, TX (PRWeb), July 9, 2014 – LiquidFrameworks announced today that it achieved 313% Annual Subscription Value (ASV) and 895% Total Contract Value (TCV) Year Over Year (YOY) growth for the first six months of 2014, including a doubling of net new customers over the same period in 2013. This positions LiquidFrameworks’ subscription sales and services for a record setting 2014.

LiquidFrameworks’ Vice President of Worldwide Sales, David Levitt, attributes the growth to increased demand in the oilfield, industrial and environmental services industries for easy to use, mobile field operations management solutions. “Traditionally, these companies have used a manual, paper-based solution,” Levitt said. “Our industry-specific application streamlines the “bid to bill” process, resulting in a dramatic reduction in revenue leakage associated with omitted and mis-priced items on field tickets, more efficient scheduling and utilization of crews and equipment and collapsing the time between completing a job and accurately invoicing the customer, which has the ripple effect of reducing DSO.”

Another key to the popularity of LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX solution is its online/offline capabilities. “We understand that field crews in these industries are often working in remote areas, without connectivity, but still need to collect relevant data and obtain an electronic signature from the customer,” Levitt said. “FieldFX addresses this challenge by working both online and offline with the fastest possible sync times.”

LiquidFrameworks is well equipped to serve the additional customers, having increased its services and support team in 2013 to support the continued growth in market acceptance of FieldFX. Jeffrey Baldwin, Senior Director of Implementation and Support at LiquidFrameworks said, “Our team’s focus is to implement a packaged, yet configured solution in a manner that brings value as quickly as possible to new customers, while ensuring our existing customers continue to reap the benefits from FieldFX.”

“These sales numbers represent the increasing market acceptance of FieldFX and the value that it has enabled for our customers,” Levitt added. “I am excited about the continued success of our customers, as well as the momentum this provides, as we head into the second half of the year.”

LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX solution is a cloud-based mobile field operations software suite designed to manage contracts, quotes, equipment, jobs and field tickets along with customer-specific electronic forms such as safety incidents, inspections and other operational data reports.  FieldFX was designed specifically for field personnel, in order to increase usability and, therefore, increase and accelerate the value of the implementations.

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