FX EAM for Manufacturers

Leading manufacturers understand that the world is becoming more technically interconnected. By analyzing the abundance of physical asset data and turning it into actionable intelligence, manufacturers are able to respond more quickly and mitigate loss.

FX EAM, Enterprise Asset Management, provides manufactures with enhanced physical asset management by providing process and intelligence that allows for increased equipment reliability, enhanced asset utilization and efficient regulatory compliance.

Maximizing Equipment Reliability

Manufacturers must produce results within a deadline, without fail and therefore know that asset performance is critical. When assets degrade to the point of failure, the effort to return them to operational conditions can be costly and time consuming. By maintaining the optimal quality level of each asset, manufacturers not only have more success in meeting deadlines, but also in reducing production costs.

FX EAM allows for each asset to have multiple preventative maintenance schedules assigned to it, which automatically generate work orders from highly configurable templates. In turn, equipment downtime is minimized and equipment life is extended.

Enhanced Management of Complex Assets

Real-time visibility to data such as physical asset utilization and location status allows manufacturers to standardize processes based on best practices. FX EAM provides this data, with benefits such as enhanced allocation of inventory and the ability to maximize asset utilization.

Ensuring alignment between capacity and demand is critical for manufacturing equipment managers. Having insight into the utilization of each piece of equipment can help determine purchasing decisions as well as ensuring maximum usage for all assets. The ability to see location data for all assets, at any given time, also increases cost-efficient usage of physical inventory.

Increased Job Safety

Manufacturing facilities are riddled with risk. Providing a workplace that is free from serious safety hazards is a top priority for manufacturers. Equipment that isn’t properly maintained can be very dangerous; and as such, regular maintenance checks are a priority. FX EAM tracks equipment certifications and inspections, allowing managers to ensure their teams are working with equipment that is safe and reliable.


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