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Eliminate the Job Whiteboard Once and For All- Automating Schedule & Dispatch

Job whiteboards, paper calendars and excel spreadsheets are inefficient ways of managing crew/equipment scheduling. Download the ebook to learn how FX Schedule & Dispatch can provide an electronic dashboard that displays all of the information needed to get the job planned, the crew dispatched and the equipment scheduled in the most efficient manner.


Stop Having to Re-Win Business by Getting Closer to Your Customer

Learn how FX Customer Self-Service paired with FX E-Ticketing enhances the customer experience by empowering your customers with the ability to: Request Jobs, Review/ Approve/Reject Tickets, Gain insight into field data with real-time reporting, Gain insight into Safety Performance, and enjoy access to your business on their timetable.


CFO Blueprint to Reduce Days Sales Outstanding

Service companies today spend millions of dollars a year generating and processing invoices, so optimizing and automating elements of the invoicing process, including reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), have the potential for large payoffs.  A reduction in DSO should be a major driver in automating projects and a useful barometer for efficiency gains.


5 Ways to Improve Field Operations and Resource Utilization

With the challenges inherent in today’s modern environment, it’s important for operations leaders to look for opportunities to utilize new technologies and to optimize resource utilization.  These new technologies allow for tracking and managing operations and unprecedented levels and in new environments.  LiquidFrameworks has gathered together relevant thoughts and considerations to serve as a guide as you consider new electronic solutions to optimize field operations.