LiquidFrameworks Announces the Launch of a Modular Approach to Enhance FieldFX Solution

Houston, TX (PRWeb), May 15, 2013 – LiquidFrameworks announced the launch of a modular approach to meeting customer needs with its FieldFX product suite.  FieldFX is a complete mobile field operations management solution for companies in the oil and gas, industrial and environmental services industries.  With this new approach, FieldFX is now comprised of seven modules, including E-Field Ticketing, Job Scheduling, Timecards, Customer Self-Service, Field Personnel Time Management, Supplier Management, and Business Intelligence and Analytics.  Each of these modules can be rolled out on a flexible basis so that customers can incrementally adopt the distinct modules of their choice in order to target the areas of their business where they can realize the biggest benefit.  Additional modules can be added to the product as needed.

 “We realigned the FieldFX product suite with a modular methodology to better suit the needs of the market.  It is easier for our customers to manage the organizational change in their companies and to improve end user adoption when they can implement FieldFX at their own speed,” said LiquidFrameworks Chief Executive Officer Trent Derr.  “This approach helps customers more closely match the value of implementing our solution with the benefits they are receiving from the specific modules in FieldFX.  They also have the added benefit of an incremental adoption to fit their individual needs versus the all at once approach.”

The LiquidFrameworks FieldFX solution is a cloud-based mobile field operations software suite designed to manage contracts, quotes, equipment, jobs and field tickets along with customer-specific electronic forms such as safety incidents, inspections and other operational data reports.  FieldFX was designed with field personnel in mind in order to increase usability and, therefore, make the implementation more successful.

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LiquidFrameworks is a leading provider of cloud-based mobile field operations management solutions serving the oil and gas, industrial, and environmental service industries. LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX solution provides companies with numerous benefits, including increased and accelerated revenue capture, increased cash flow, improved contract compliance, increased invoice accuracy and improved customer responsiveness.  LiquidFrameworks is based in Houston, Texas.


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