LiquidFrameworks Announces New Version of the FieldFX Sync Engine, Increasing Synchronization Speed by 42%

LiquidFrameworks, the leading mobile field operations management solutions company specializing in Oilfield/Industrial/Environmental Services is proud to announce the release of a new version of the sync engine for FieldFX that increases synchronization speed by 42%.

Houston, TX (PRWeb), September 16, 2014 – LiquidFrameworks announced today that it has released the third version of the FieldFX sync engine. Capitalizing on more than ten years of experience with data synchronization and caching in an online/offline environment, LiquidFrameworks has optimized its sync engine, taking already industry-leading synchronization times and increasing the speed by 42%. In addition, the high compression ratio of the sync not only increases speed, it also reduces the amount of bandwidth needed, which enhances effectiveness.

LiquidFrameworks’ domain expertise within the oilfield, industrial and environmental services industry segments leverages the understanding that field crews often work in remote areas without reliable Internet service.  FieldFX enables field technicians to perform a job, make changes to (or create) the field ticket and record any relevant job data (including electronic signature) all without Internet service. When they return to an area with Internet access, they will now experience improved synchronization times, enhancing the user experience and ensuring accurate information is available to be invoiced the same day that the company man signs the field ticket.

Travis Parigi, Founder and COO of LiquidFrameworks said, “Working in an online/offline environment for more than a decade has allowed us to learn a tremendous amount about how to effectively and accurately transfer large amounts of data from far reaching places. The increased speed and accuracy of the FieldFX sync engine will allow field technicians to reliably transmit field tickets, safety forms, pictures, videos and any other components of the job package to the corporate office and provide them with an enhanced user experience.”

Trent Derr, President and CEO of LiquidFrameworks added, “We are constantly re-inventing the FieldFX product suite, through research and development, based on customer feedback and user response. We are always focused on enriching the user experience.”

“Our mantra is ‘Usability, Reliability and Speed’,” said Parigi. “These concepts are at the forefront of everything we do. We are excited about how this new version of the sync engine will increase the effectiveness of FieldFX for our customers.”

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