LiquidFrameworks Announces Significant Enhancements to FieldFX Alert Engine

Houston, TX (PRWeb), June 13, 2013 – LiquidFrameworks announced today that it has made significant enhancements to the FieldFX alert engine that enables users to set up notifications throughout their workflow.  Email and SMS text alerts, including when, why, and to whom they are sent, are all customizable.  Notifications can be sent based on triggering events that include ticket and job status changes.  The user has the option to schedule notifications for immediate delivery as well as a daily or weekly digest summary.  A wide variety of options are available that can be used to configure filters on the triggering events for the alert subscription.  This allows the engine to handle several different business requirements for FieldFX users.   For example, alerts can also be used to notify accounting when a ticket for a particular office or customer is ready to be invoiced or to an individual or the entire crew advising them of job details and updates.

“The enhancements we’ve made to the alert engine will have an immediate impact on our customers’ day-to-day processes.  The alert engine is highly configurable, which allows our customers to utilize it in ways that will enrich their unique workflows,” said LiquidFrameworks founder and Chief Operating Officer, Travis Parigi.  “The advantages that come from an advanced notification system are beneficial across sales, operations, accounting, and field personnel.  This feature really brings the FieldFX data to life and empowers the user base with timely information that they can use to make decisions or take action when things change.”
The LiquidFrameworks FieldFX solution is a cloud-based mobile field operations software suite designed to manage contracts, quotes, equipment, jobs and field tickets along with customer-specific electronic forms such as safety incidents, inspections and other operational data reports.  FieldFX was designed with field personnel in mind in order to increase usability and, therefore, make the implementation more successful.

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LiquidFrameworks is a leading provider of cloud-based mobile field operations management solutions serving the oil and gas, industrial, and environmental service industries. LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX solution provides companies with numerous benefits, including increased and accelerated revenue capture, increased cash flow, improved contract compliance, increased invoice accuracy and improved customer responsiveness.  LiquidFrameworks is based in Houston, Texas.

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