New Year - New Name! FieldFX

During the last few years we have added a rich set of new features, modules and additional integration components.  With 2012, the product suite has been officially renamed to FieldFX.  Over the next few months you will see the product name change throughout the system to reflect the new name.

"FieldFX" will provide us with a flexible product name that will accommodate the future expansion of our service offerings", per Kevin Harbuck, Director of Sales & Marketing for LiquidFrameworks.

Customers and prospects will see a transition from FieldPro to FieldFX during the next few months. First, the web site and marketing literature will change to FieldFX, and finally the product user interface and menus will incorporate the FieldFX name as new versions are released.

Stay tuned as we continue to promote and enhance the FieldFX service in 2012.