Field Personnel Time Management

When a natural disaster strikes and you need to bring a large number of personnel to a job site, we provide a system to help you get the job done.  Quickly register new employees, create photo ID badges, and set up a system for them to scan their badge and sign in at the job site.  You can also add your employees’ time worked at job sites to the actual field tickets in order to make the billing process for you and your customers more efficient.  Signatures are saved for future reporting purposes and you’ll have the records on hand to know what time the employee signed in and out, and that he has read his safety documents.

Here’s How It Works

  • Operations managers setup work zones at the job level and add new employees by mass uploading them from Excel or your existing payroll system.
  • At the job site, employees scan their badges and sign in.  Match the employee to their photo as they sign in.  Sign in instructions are displayed in English and Spanish to make the process more efficient for all involved.
  • At the end of the day, simply sync with FieldFX to add the employee work records to the field ticket for billing purposes.  Easily create reports based on the employee work records.  You can even print names and their corresponding signatures to attach to the invoice.