Supplier Management

Operator Companies

The FieldFX Operator App was designed to help streamline the existing paper-based process of signing and dealing with paper field tickets.  The Operator App is a smart phone application that allows an operator to see all tickets submitted for review and approval across all of their service providers.   The Operator App eases the burden on both your representative and your service providers’ field personnel to be at the well site or refinery at the same time in order to have field tickets signed and approved.

In order to use the Operator App, your service provider must use FieldFX to manage their mobile field operations.  Working remotely, their field personnel can complete field tickets at the well site or refinery using FieldFX.  Once the completed ticket is uploaded by your service provider, you can view it, make notes, and either approve or reject it via the Operator App on your smartphone, and at your convenience.

  • View a PDF of the field ticket on your smartphone
  • Email the ticket to yourself and others
  • Add accounting notes, such as SAP Pay Key #, Expense Code, and Project # to include with the final field ticket that is attached to the invoice
  • Sign directly on your smartphone
  • Approve or reject with the click of a button
  • Filter tickets by office/unit to only see tickets for one particular location

Two different versions of the app are available in order to meet the specific needs of Upstream and Downstream Operators.

Service Companies

Empower Your Customers and Avoid Costly Delays at Unmanned Well Sites

Empower your customers with an Operator app that streamlines your respective processes, while strengthening your partnerships.  The Operator App eases the burden on both your field personnel and the Operator’s representative to be at the well site or refinery at the same time in order to have the filed tickets signed and approved.  The Operator App gives your customers the ability to view, make notes, and either approve or reject a field ticket via a smartphone app.  Your field technician simply uses FieldFX, while working remotely, to upload the completed field ticket.  When your customer receives it on their app, they can add their own accounting notes, make comments, sign the ticket directly on the smartphone, approve or reject the field ticket, and email it to themselves or others.