LiquidFrameworks offers varying levels of support based on each customer’s specific needs and requirements.  Choose the level of support you prefer with options that include online submission, 24/7 coverage, online training, administration services for ongoing application administration and maintenance, and access to our system administration team.

Standard Support

Standard Support is the default level of support provided with a service subscription and is available 8:30am to 5:00pm U.S. Central Time.  Standard Support includes:

  • Access to Service Subscription Documentation and release notes
  • Online issue submission via Support email and/or the Support website
  • Assistance with classification and logging of Support issues

Extended Support

Extended Support includes all the benefits of Standard Support plus:

  • Continuous Support Coverage: 24/7 Support, email Support, and priority access to the LiquidFrameworks support group.
  • On-line Training for the Customer’s Support Contacts

Extended Plus Support

Extended Plus Support includes all the benefits of Extended Support plus:

  • Administration services: 100+ administration services for ongoing application administration and maintenance. 
  • Access to LiquidFrameworks' system administration team.


If you are a current customer and need to contact the Support Team, please email