Top Signs You Need FieldFX


Sub-optimal cash management can result in a profitable company going out of business.  Without sufficient cash on hand, a company may not be able to invest in assets that it needs, such as supplies or equipment.  Even worse, it may have to look to short term loans with unattractive interest rates to make up for cash shortfalls. FieldFX helps to reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by streamlining the process between job completions and invoicing the customer.  The acceleration of revenue capture results in improved cash flow and a healthier bottom line.


Service providers in the oilfield, industrial and environmental service industries have many types of billable items including materials, consumables, equipment and labor.  In addition, these items may be priced differently based on the customer, the location or the type of work being performed.  FieldFX helps to automate the “quote to cash” process to ensure an accurate quote produces an accurate field ticket, which produces an accurate invoice.  Consistently accurate invoices lead to a more profitable service provider, as well as happier (and faster paying) customers.


Do you ever feel like the right hand of your company doesn’t know what the left hand is doing?  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone within the organization knew what he/she needed to know when he/she needed to know it?  The FieldFX Alert Engine enables companies to set up highly customizable email or text message notifications (such as notifying crew members when they are assigned to jobs) throughout the job scheduling and execution process.


Field crews often work in remote locations without reliable Internet service, but need to be connected at the beginning and end of the day to receive job assignments and relay completed and signed field tickets back to the office.  FieldFX operates both online and offline, so workers can perform the job, make changes to the ticket, attach any related photos or documents and record relevant site data without having Internet access.  At the end of the job/day when the crew supervisor returns to an area with Internet access, he/she simply synchronizes his PC or tablet and the completed ticket information is available for invoicing.


Access to data collected from field operations can be a very powerful tool to improve strategic decision-making and streamline processes.  FX Analytics provides access to “quote to cash” information to use to create highly customizable reports and dashboards on operational and job information over a period of time (such as crew and equipment utilization data). This information is beneficial both internally (strategic planning) for management and externally (quote/job/ticket info) to share with customers.