Operator Companies

LiquidFrameworks has developed tools specific to the unique needs of an Operator company.  Our FX Customer Self-Service module was designed to help operator and service companies communicate more effectively while making their respective processes more efficient.  The solutions are made even more specialized as they are broken down further to meet the respective needs of Energy Producers and Refinery Operators.

Energy Producers

LiquidFrameworks gives the Company Man the opportunity to use the FX Customer Self-Service module to electronically review and approve or reject field tickets using a laptop or smartphone.  The Company Man reviews and approves their pending field tickets according to their own schedule when time permits and is not beholden to sign-off on tickets as soon as the field engineer from the service provider is ready to leave the job.  This gives the Company Man more time to review and approve the ticket while simultaneously freeing up the service provider’s field engineer to move to their next job.  Using this module also gives the energy producer a historical, electronic record of all field tickets created for the job.

The Company Man that represents the Energy Producer (Operator) at a well site has high demands placed on their time.  This is a very busy person with limited time for paperwork, but they must review and sign the field tickets that are presented by the various service providers performing complex jobs at the well site on a daily basis.


In the case of a turnaround at a refinery, the Turnaround Manager (or Unit Manager) is responsible for managing the overall project when the unit is shut down for scheduled maintenance.  During this time, activity is very high and the time demands placed on the turnaround manager are significant.    Each day a variety of crews are handling various work orders on the turnaround.  Each of these crews generates a shift report that must be reviewed and approved or rejected by the Turnaround Manager creating a very high volume of paperwork.

FieldFX® helps streamline this process for the turnaround manager by allowing for the review and approval of shift reports using a smartphone.  Using FieldFX, the Turnaround Manager now has visibility across all of the services providers involved in the turnaround.  In addition, the refinery’s management team can see how the service providers are performing against their individually issued Purchase Orders and Work Orders with respect to planned budget versus actual spend compared to completed work.   Therefore, a Turnaround Manager can quickly see that a service provider has consumed 75% of their allocated budget but only completed 60% of the work required to finish the job.  This signals a warning condition, and the Turnaround Manager along with the service provider can take appropriate action.