Service Companies

Since 2005 LiquidFrameworks has been working closely with companies in the Oilfield, Industrial and Environmental service provider industries.  Throughout the years of exclusively working with these types of companies, we have built a tremendous amount of domain knowledge that we have incorporated into the product. 

Our established and rapidly growing customer base in these industries have specialized needs and requirements related to an operations management platform that FieldFX® has proven highly successful in delivering.  The FieldFX product suite is ideally suited for companies with a field service organization that is occasionally-connected performing complex service-oriented jobs in rugged, outdoor environments such as well sites, refineries or spill sites. 

All of our service provider customers regardless of type use FieldFX to solve problems related to:

  • Quoting complex, multi-day jobs
  • Complex price book modeling and management
  • Scheduling and planning jobs, people and equipment
  • Dispatching people and equipment to job locations
  • Tracking payroll time for employees and contractors
  • Creating tickets for call-out jobs
  • Completing e-forms such as JSA’s, Incident Reports and Failure Reports
  • Collecting physical, electronic signatures on the ticket
  • Contract compliance
  • Business process workflow
  • Integration to accounting and ERP to speed invoicing and increase accuracy
  • Integration to payroll to automate submission of hours
  • Business intelligence and reporting


FieldFX is ideally suited for use by oilfield service providers, and provide domain-specific functionality to suite their unique needs such as:

  • Accounting for standby and operating rates on your field ticket
  • Supporting delivery tickets for equipment placed on a job site
  • Handling call out jobs
  • Modeling complex price books such as wireline charges for various depth of tool usage
  • Providing a quick and easy way for the field engineer to complete their job log
  • Tracking labor by the number of hours or days worked by each crew member in an easy to use timesheet format

Industrial Services

Industrial service providers find that using FieldFX supports many of their unique business problems where a generalized software package or their ERP package falls short.  Specifically, industrial service provide leverage features ideally suited for their needs such as:

  • Driving items on to a ticket (shift report) based on the service type and primary equipment being used
  • Completing a Job Safety Assessment (JSA) at the time of service delivery
  • Giving their refinery unit manager customer access to review and approve tickets (shift reports) on a refinery unit level
  • Tracking labor by the start time, stop time and lunch times

Environmental Services (Emergency Response)

Environmental service providers and emergency response companies have unique needs in the field that FieldFX supports such as: 

  • Tracking labor time for very large contract labor forces in the field
  • Expediting the morning job site check-in process
  • Posting contract labor to field tickets
  • Providing customized reports to large governmental agencies
  • Tracking labor by the start time, stop time and lunch times